Friday, February 25, 2011

Groove is in the heart

In my former life I danced. Seriously danced. I thought it would be my career…and for a while, it was. I was fortunate to have a boutique studio out of our home a few years back. What a dream job. I loved every minute of it.  Every minute.  From choreography to freestyle...sharing the joy of dance with enthusiastic hip hop girls and Zumba-loving mommies - pinch me! It's a memory I will always cherish! And although I don’t expect to be shuttling my boys (D&G) between dance classes and recitals, I had hoped for a little something. Every time I dance with them, they plead with me to stop. Ouch! Really? I didn’t pass this dance gene along to my offspring. How sad. So when my planned “alphabet” activity took a turn, I quietly bit my lip and hid my huge smile...

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Channeling Wonder Woman!

With my Irish twins, running errands or anything that takes away from "fun" is quite simply exhausting. They make it very clear that they'd rather be doing anything else - and using the "helper" card only works occasionally. Although I can understand their perspective, (I'd rather be playing make believe than picking up pet food), mommies have to do what mommies have to do, a queen must tend to her castle, so to speak - (woops, that's my make believe when I'm tackling the kitchen or laundry!). So instead of dreading these unpleasant hiccups in our usually kid-centric day, I decided to look at it from their point of view.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Moroccan Medley - Yum! Yum!

Another winter storm...snow expected in San Francisco tonight! As a former Colorado snowbunny, the only thing to do when the weather is too cold to enjoy, is to whip up an easy, healthy, exotic dish and daydream about sunshine. Check out this recipe for a Moroccan Medley from my favorite chef blogger, Amy, of Land of Fruits and Veggies at You'll love her!

Boutique shopping in the city...

Who doesn't love boutique shopping? I love to leisurely browse around and then find one piece that I truly love, don't you? Everyone needs a little retail therapy once in a while!

So, if you find yourself strolling along 24th Street in Noe Valley San Francisco - a truly magical experience in and of itself - then check out one of the most eclectic collections of vintage and one-of-a-kind pieces at this charming boutique. Pam, the owner, is a doll.

And did I mention Pam's newest find..."S" for Successories!

Tangerine, the New Black

It’s almost time to shed those winter layers and pick up some new, fun pieces to brighten your spring collection.

Spring fashion is bursting with tangerine and citrus hues, bright floral prints, sexy nudes, classic whites, flowing dresses, jumpsuits, demin, bangles -  70s boho is back and it’s fabulous! But you can’t go wrong with classic preppy accents either. Add a crisp white shirt or preppy stripes - just mix and match!

Enjoy Marc Jacob's Spring 2011 fashion show for some gorgeous designs and fashion inspiration!

Mom Ambassador

I love this program! Check this out from their website:

KIWI Mag­a­zine knows the impor­tance of build­ing and fos­ter­ing com­mu­ni­ties by shar­ing resources about what’s impor­tant to us: The health of our chil­dren, our fam­ily and our world.

Moms Meet is an online resource that empow­ers moms to come together in an infor­mal set­ting and talk about the lat­est on rais­ing healthy fam­i­lies and liv­ing green. Think of it as an eco-themed discussion about topics like going green on a budget, slow family living and how to feed your family.

In addi­tion to cre­at­ing a space for moms to talk par­ent­ing and eco-conscious liv­ing, Moms Meet offers excit­ing oppor­tu­ni­ties for Mom Ambas­sadors and their groups to sam­ple the lat­est healthy, green prod­ucts. What better way to be "in-the-know"!

I can't wait to get started! How about you?

Monday, February 21, 2011

Guess who was on the red carpet?

Pearls, Natural Magic's Pearls!

The Natural Magic Eco-Herbal skincare products were part of the Golden Globe red carpet party! Natural Magic products were included in VIP attendees gift bags. Proceeds from the event went to African Millennium Foundation Empowering the Powerless and Venice Arts.

If you'd like your skin to glow like the Golden Globe VIP guests,
visit: and please enter "4youngdesigns" in the comments section of your NM checkout!

Waiting patiently by the buffet...

Her monogrammed moss wreath (W) looked over at Meredith, sensing her anxiety about an impromtu dinner party and said..."Mer, we can do this dinner party. I've got a place right next to me for Grandma's gluten-free meatballs! Let's do this!"

I just love this photo! First, because it reminds me of friends, laughter and dinner parties. And second, because it inspired me to move my wreath to my buffet!'re such a domestic diva!
And please share your photos. I love them!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Gorgeous Moss ~ Adorn Your Front Door, Buffet and Mantel!

I love the versatility of these fabulous moss wreaths!

You can welcome guests with a custom monogrammed moss wreath adorning your front door, or accessorize each season, holiday or special occassion, like this flirty itty bitty accessorized with a red polka dot, pink sheer ribbon. Perfect for Valentine's Day or a Princess Birthday!

This collection of moss wreaths includes the monogrammed moss wreath, plain jane, and itty bitties.
If you love them too, check them out!
To get ready for spring, you can receive 15 percent off by entering the promotional code: spring. Offer expires March 20, 2011.

Love The Skin You're In!

I love the Natural Magic Eco-Herbal skincare line!

It uses the highest quality of pearl, herbs and essential oils. Each ingredient was selected for its versatile qualities and therapeutic effects.

I especially love the Natural Magic Acu-Pearl Facial. It gives you the experience of the ancient and luxurious beauty ritual that has been practiced over the last 4,000 years by the Empresses of the Royal Court of China. Pearl has been used to beautify the skin, allowing it to be nourished and rejuvenated. The facial protocol is easy and convenient to do in the comfort of your own home. After experiencing this Chinese beauty ritual you will feel soothed and relaxed with a pearl-like glow.

The Pearl used throughout this facial is packed with a variety of amino acids, minerals and trace elements which soften the skin and increases cell regeneration. It has the ability to reduce blotchiness and discoloration as it lightens and balances skin-tone. With its antimicrobial and antibacterial properties it is excellent to reduce irritation or infection.
The Natural Magic Acu-Pearl Facial includes an enormous variety of the most pure and valuable essential oils. Jasmine, chamomile, rose, neroli, myrrh, and frankincense, are some of the oils that nourish, hydrate and strengthen the skin. Royal Jelly replenishes the skin providing a high concentration of proteins, minerals and vitamins. In addition, Green Tea, Vitamins A, C and E act as strong anti-oxidants that preserves the vitality of the skin as they protect from free radicals.

Now you can see why you'll love it too!
Please enter "4youngdesigns" in the comments section of your checkout!

Bamboopink by JudeFrances Launches Spring 2011

Women helping women! It's inspiring and I love it! And that's why bamboopink by JudeFrances caught my eye...or it could have been the glimmer from their fabulous jewelry line.

A friend of mine is working on the launch of a new, affordable jewelry line called Bamboopink by JudeFrances. The jewelry line behind Bamboopink (, is sold at fine retailers all over the country including Neiman Marcus and Saks 5th Avenue. Now JudeFrances is launching Bamboopink this spring, with a grassroots marketing campaign to virially spread the news of their upcoming launch via the internet, and it's the perfect time to get in on the ground floor!

If you love jewelry, company training and support, setting your own hours, working from home, and a generous compensation package...then you'll love bamboopink by JudeFrances.

Ask me about it or sign up for more information at: