Friday, February 25, 2011

Groove is in the heart

In my former life I danced. Seriously danced. I thought it would be my career…and for a while, it was. I was fortunate to have a boutique studio out of our home a few years back. What a dream job. I loved every minute of it.  Every minute.  From choreography to freestyle...sharing the joy of dance with enthusiastic hip hop girls and Zumba-loving mommies - pinch me! It's a memory I will always cherish! And although I don’t expect to be shuttling my boys (D&G) between dance classes and recitals, I had hoped for a little something. Every time I dance with them, they plead with me to stop. Ouch! Really? I didn’t pass this dance gene along to my offspring. How sad. So when my planned “alphabet” activity took a turn, I quietly bit my lip and hid my huge smile...

Me: “Boys – you know how we’ve been working on the alphabet? I bought some new workbooks and also tivo’d WordWorld...”

D: “Mommy, I don’t want to watch that show, can you put on music?”
G: “Yeah, music”
D: “We want to color and listen to music”
G: "Yeah, color and music"

Me: “Sure” (flipping through the remote to find a music station)
D: “What music did you put on mommy?"
Me: “80s”
D: “Awesome. Music we can dance too!”

How stoked am I? Groove is clearly in their hearts! I hope you're getting your groove on too!

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