Thursday, February 24, 2011

Channeling Wonder Woman!

With my Irish twins, running errands or anything that takes away from "fun" is quite simply exhausting. They make it very clear that they'd rather be doing anything else - and using the "helper" card only works occasionally. Although I can understand their perspective, (I'd rather be playing make believe than picking up pet food), mommies have to do what mommies have to do, a queen must tend to her castle, so to speak - (woops, that's my make believe when I'm tackling the kitchen or laundry!). So instead of dreading these unpleasant hiccups in our usually kid-centric day, I decided to look at it from their point of view.

It's one of many tips I've learned from other mommies that have been there, done that ... Tip: to be on their level. For example, sometimes communication between a parent and a child becomes a more positive experience if you make yourself eye-level. I find if I sit down next to where my kid is standing and talk to him it's a more calming experience for both of us. Okay, so I practiced the literal meaning of point of view, but I didn't truly adopt the concept, at least not until this revelation.

Instead of the usual shenanigans during the foyer tango of getting them ready and out the door, I sat down next to where they were playing superheroes. After a few motivational mommy minutes, we were off on a mission. Costumes? check. Masks? check. Mission and gadgets? check. Off we went to save the world, one errand at a time. ..guarding mommy while she deposited checks at the bank, protecting our cart from bad guys at Trader Joes, and after a mission accomplished, we rewarded ourselves with a superhero picnic at our Top Secret location (translated to lunches packed in Spiderman lunchboxes, eaten at a local park), while we giggled about the day's adventure!

Mommy...the original superhero! (Lasso? check).

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