Sunday, March 27, 2011

Breakfast Cookies - Lemon Ricotta & Gluten-Free

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It's another rainy day. We've been looking for rainbows and splashing in puddles for weeks...and although it's always hilarious watching my kiddos get soaked and is a perfect day to stay inside...we're ready to make a different kind of mess. A baking mess! I started researching some fun new healthy recipes to make with the kiddos today and I love this idea of breakfast cookies. We're going to bake up some batches and see how they freeze as well.  Do you have any ideas to make these healthier or more freeze-friendly? Huge caveat...they have to stay as delicious!

One of my new favorite food bloggers is Family Fresh Cooking Check out her recipe for lemon ricotta gluten-free breakfast cookies. Will your lil' chefs like this recipe?


  1. You must let me know how they turn out for you guys! I will be baking these cookies on TV later this week. Hope the rest of your weekend is grand :)

  2. Excellent! When should we tune in?